It is our mission to grow to a national service and support gamers around the United Kingdom. The Esports Network is a gaming program that ties gamers to football clubs, football clubs to education settings, and most importantly helps gamers with support in their overall skills and wellbeing. We have helped more than 500 individuals to date, this is a conservative number, it is more likely over 1000. Our main aim is to have a social and physical impact on our community. And by having The Esports Network Program, we feel we can reach more people, people whom we may have otherwise been unable to reach.


The Esports Network TV

We want our gaming community to create great content which we hope to reach many gamers around the world and this is why we have decided to build a twitch channel which we want to have first-class programming and build a popular following, showcasing various games from recreational and entertaining, to serious competition. All this, as well as watch along with content and podcasts. Our Twitch Channel will have it all!