Posted on February 14, 2022 by David Raybould

It's that time again, guys for the Recap Show and its week 2 recap, let's go to the team managers and as always, we go to Michael Chipolina ( MikeChip00) and see how the first team has done.


Mike- Starting from Monday, we won both our games convincingly. In Premier South, we managed to get an 11-1 win which marked a very good and promising start to the week. However, this wasn’t to be the case come Tuesday. We started off once again winning our English Premier game and going into the cup game where we managed a 1-0 win. Following from this, we had two Premier South games which we should have won. However, we lost 1-0 and won 2-0. Overall, we didn’t perform well enough during the whole game-day even though we managed to get 3/4 wins. Once again, we won our English Premier game on Thursday which keeps us at 6/6 wins in that league.

However, a poor overall performance on the night once again leaves us with 0/2 wins on the night for the Premier South games. We lost our first game 1-0 and drew the other 2-2. This showed how we really played during the week and how we must step it up if we are going to have any chance of winning anything this season.

Up next is the newly appointed CST manager Luke Ace on how he's acclimatising to the league and management.


Luke- This week for me has been well. Thursday was a highlight of how good we can be. Didn't lose all night. Tuesday was a different day & it didn't go well, the boys to respond Thursday with a killer mentality & we did that. Onwards and Upwards we can only get better from now.


And lastly, we spoke to Mark Yeatman, the co-manager, on how his week with the CST Academy has been.


Mark- So this week started off very poor nothing was clicking and we suffered heavily in the cup with a 6-2 loss as a result. Midweek we lost a few players but have welcomed Tash and Jammer into the side who put in a solid start for the team. After Thursday's games the team have definitely bounced back from Monday and with just a few more adjustments I’m sure this team with be onto winning ways!

Well there you guys, the 2nd week of VPG is over and it's all to play for and I'm sure there will be ups and downs but as always, RUFC ESPORTS will march on and keep moving forward, but as always I've been your host Dave and this has been The Recap Show.